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Liao Yang Hao Yan  Galvanized Additive CO.LTD. is the only professional manufacturer of all kinds of alloys and additives in China. The company is formed by a member unit of the hot-dip galvanizing Specialized Committee of the original Anshan Iron and steel industry industry company and the China Society of corrosion and protection. It is composed of a batch of high-quality zinc based alloys, experts, professors and technical backbone of chemical industry. It is mainly engaged in the development, development, production and sale of various hot galvanizing additives.
The company has three factories and two rooms, that is, alloy branch plant, chemical reagents branch and appendage branch, zinc base alloy research room and chemical reagent research unit, all of which serve hot galvanizing enterprises. In recent years, the company has studied and verified all kinds of hot dip galvanizing additives and special alloys by drawing on the advanced technology and technology of developed countries in Europe and America. Through years of use and practice, more than 20 provinces and cities and more than 100 enterprises in the industry have been well received and recognized.
The main products of the company are zinc, aluminum, nickel, bismuth and rare earth alloy, zinc lead alloy, zinc and aluminum alloy, zinc and nickel alloy, zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloy, zinc, aluminum and rare earth alloy, zinc nickel and bismuth alloy, special alloy for plating pipe, special alloy for standard parts, special alloy of plating line, hot dipping product: patent product - plating aid There are two kinds of additives: foam and no foam, zinc corrosion resistance, Hardfacing Electrode and thermocouple. Passivation agent, degreasing agent, corrosion inhibitor, pickling accelerant, acid fog inhibitor, zinc slag agent etc..

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