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Post duties:
1. According to the company market strategy and market sales target, combine the market information to carry on the market forecast, participate in making the company's sales plan and target, establish the implementation plan and implement it.
2. According to the sales strategy of the company, the sales network and channel management system of the company will be established, through a series of marketing activities, the market environment is created, the company and the product brand are promoted, and the growth of the company's product sales will be supported.
3, lead the sales team to achieve the company's sales goals and create a professional elite marketing team.
4, responsible for the sales team building and product positioning.
5, assist the sales team to check the plan documents, participate in the negotiations and follow up closely with big customers.
6, responsible for the maintenance and development of company's system customer and channel relationship.
Requirements for office:
1, Love sales work, have sales experience is preferred
2, more than 1 years working experience in the sales industry, familiar with the operation process of FMCG industry is preferred.
3. With rich experience in marketing planning, we can identify and determine potential business partners, be familiar with the current situation of industry market development, have rich customer resources and customer relations, and have excellent performance.
4, have independent customer development ability, public relations ability, negotiation ability and market planning ability and organization ability.
5, excellent marketing skills, strong market planning and operation skills.
Resume delivery request: delivery resume, mailbox: lnhy333@126.com, please attach to your personal recent hat.
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