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Product information
In the process of traditional sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, there are often defects in the corrosion of matrix metal and heavy acid fog. By adding acid mist inhibitor to the acid solution, the corrosion of the matrix metal can be avoided in the process of acid pickling and the bright metal surface can be obtained, and the acid mist can be stopped in the process of acid washing. Add the acid mist inhibitor in many enterprises has been widely used in the pickling process.
Our company produces HY series of acid fog inhibitor has won the two prize, the national science and technology progress. After being applied to many enterprises, it is welcomed by users. Especially for pickling before hot dip galvanizing, it has no adverse effects on subsequent work. Time proved that the use of HY acid fog inhibitor, acid mist above 30%, less than 80%.
Appearance: brown red liquid
Performance: the inhibition efficiency is more than 98% mist suppression rate greater than 80%
How to use it: add it to the acid solution with 0.3%-0.5% ratio and mix it evenly.
Product information
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