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  • Hot dip galvanizing alloy for hot rock
  • Name: Hot dip galvanizing alloy for hot rock
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Product information

Product overview:
With the rapid development of industrialization, hot-dip galvanizing additives are widely used in construction, car and boat manufacturing, container manufacturing, mechanical and electrical industry, household electrical appliance industry and so on. In the past ten years, the rapid development of the hesitant automobile industry and the household appliance industry has led to the development of the hot galvanizing additive industry, and also the higher requirements for the quality of the hot-dip galvanizing products.
Composition and function:
The multi alloy is supported by 0# zinc. Add 1#, nickel, pure rare earth, 1# bismuth, double zero aluminum and other useful components, improve the appearance quality and increase corrosion resistance by complementary effect of components. In the process of hot dip galvanizing, the addition of the alloy can inhibit the saint Delin effect of the sedative steel and obviously improve the structure and surface structure and the surface state of the zinc layer. The surface of the coating is bright and uniform, and the fluidity of zinc can be greatly increased by the use of Concorde effect. The zinc slag in the zinc liquid can be accelerated to settle down. Some trace metals can exhaust oxygen, make the viscosity of the zinc, contain more zinc slag, and renew the aging zinc solution with more oxide, and eliminate the oxidation of high temperature and the aging of solvent into the zinc solution, thus reducing the effect of the galvanizing temperature.
Characteristics and scope of use:
The alloy has the characteristics of uniform, stable, reliable and so on. It is suitable for hot dip galvanizing of sheet, strip, pipe, wire structure and other boiling steel and sedated steel. The effect of hanging galvanizing is better. Add pictures...
The main advantages:
1. can effectively inhibit the reaction of zinc and iron, reduce or eliminate the phenomenon of super thick, dark, and poor adhesion of the sedation steel and semi sedative steel below 0.25% (the saint Delin effect), which can make the galvanizing of the boiling steel easy to obtain the standard requirement for the thickness of the galvanizing, and at the same time the bright and adhesive coating can be obtained.
2. can improve the fluidity of zinc liquid, make the plating bath more quickly flow back to the zinc bath when the zinc bath is put forward, reduce the zinc consumption, reduce the appearance of the coating and tear stains on the surface of the coating, and the coating is more smooth and even. When hot dip coating is used in the zinc bath with 450 0.055-0.06% of nickel content, the consumption of zinc will decrease by 8-15% compared with ordinary zinc plating.
3. can reduce the galvanizing temperature. The normal operating temperature of 440 DEG -460 DEG, which may reduce the occurrence of zinc, zinc. May be less than the original 30% multivariate zinc alloy, zinc 20%.
4. can reduce the consumption of energy. Due to the reduction of temperature, energy consumption is also greatly reduced. Only coal is taken as an example, it can reduce 30%.
5., the service life of zinc pot can be increased by 3~4 times. Due to the decrease of temperature and the increase of corrosion resistance, the service life of zinc pot will be greatly prolonged. Taking zinc and aluminum alloy as an example, the service life of zinc pot is only one year, while the use of multiple alloys can be extended to 3-5 years.
6., the hardness and the wear resistance of the coating can be improved, while the processability of the coating remains unchanged. The impact test of the coating can also verify its good adhesion. With the increase of hardness and wear resistance, it is not easy for the plating parts to be damaged due to the friction after collision.

Product information
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